Katalol Kustoms was founded by myself  Shawn in December 2009 after the birth of our third child and their names combined to KATALOL. With no more children on the way I think this name will be it. KK’s speed and performance seems to be the easiest roll of the tongue however. Myself on the other hand, I am a Journeyman Automotive Red Seal Technician with over 18 years of experience in the field. I have been with Chrysler since 2000 and have achieved my “Doctor in the House” status. All repairs and installs at KK’s are performed with the highest quality at heart and hand. Experienced with diesel and gas performance as well as diagnostics and repairs, at KK’s we can provide you with superior service at surplus prices.

Our motto - “there is always a way”


About Katalol

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Sherwood Park, AB